Semi Permanent Makeup



(Digital Brows)


Hair Stroke Brow (Digital Brows)



Digital brows vs Microblading?

Microblading will last 1-2 years, pigment is implemented with a hand tool creating a slightly finer and more natural hair strokes. This method is not recommended extremely pale skin which have a very rosy/ red tones such as rosacea sufferers, mature or very delicate skin, large pores and extremely oily skin.

Digital Machine lasts a lot longer, approx 3-4 years until completely faded, the hair strokes are slightly bolder, this method works on all skin types.

Can I have the treatment?

- I have botox and filler?
Yes you can, but you cant have them near the area to be tattooed 2 weeks either side of the beginning of the treatment and 2 weeks after your top up appointment. 

- I am pregnant?
No, I am afraid you will have to wait until after your baby has arrived and you have stopped breast feeding.

- I am going on holiday/ use sunbeds?
You will need 2-3 weeks after your brow appointment before you can go in the sun, on sunbeds, sun holiday or get them wet.

- I'm nervous so would like a drink?
Please don't consumer alcohol 48 hours prior to your appointment as this can cause excessive bleeding and will affect your results.

How much is the treatment?

£300 which includes your initial treatment and your top up 4-12 weeks later. I ask for a £50 deposit to secure your appointment. 

What can I expect at my appointment?

Please allow 3 hours for your appointment. This incudes going through your paper work, choosing a colour to suit your skin tone and mapping your brows onto your face; Once the brow shape has been mapped out, stray hairs will be removed. This initial stage will take approximately half of the appointment.

The procedure is not completely painless as the face is more sensitive than the body in terms of tattooing, however  semi permanent makeup goes into the epidermis whereas a normal tattoo goes deeper.