Tips for booking bridal beauty ±1

I have been a bridal makeup artist now for 6 years, a lot of how I work has changed over the years as I find better ways to work. Here is a little guide to help you plan your wedding planning!

When to book your hair & makeup artists?

Now this is really impacted on your wedding day & months. I will section this into High, Medium and Low peak.

High Peak - In my opinion you need to be booking in your bridal hair + makeup artist 12-18 months in advance. Peak is June to August weddings on a Friday and Saturday... August I often have 5 weddings in a week.

Medium Peak - This is your March - May, September & October Saturdays and Thursdays in August, I would advise 9-12 months in advance.

Low Peak - Your weekday weddings and weekends in November to February is when you are likely to be lucky with supplier availability, I would advise booking in 6 months before but these are typically more available.

I recommend looking at your suppliers work, if you have a certain style in mind, has the supplier created this before?

When looking for a supplier really look at the work they have on their social media / website - make sure its their work and not their inspiration. Pinterest is great for ideas but remember this can be airbrushed models and quite unrealistic.

Hair - if you are looking for a sleek up do, is this what you are seeing on your suppliers website / social media, some suppliers are stronger at a boho up do than a Hollywood wave.

Makeup - if you are looking for a natural look again is this the style you are seeing from your supplier? I would describe my work as 'soft glam' but I have worked on a lot of brides that have barely ever worn makeup, so I pride myself in making brides feel relaxed in makeup, creating a natural look which looks beautiful on camera.

When to book a trial?

Personally I think the best time to book a trial is 2 months before your wedding date, your colouring is likely to be the same as on your wedding day, you will have your dress back so will know the style that is going to complete your look.

What to bring to your trial and what to expect?

If you are wearing white on your wedding day, I recommend wearing a white top to your trial, this will give you an idea of colourings. If you have chosen your hair accessories and / veil then bring them along so we can trial them also. I always ask brides to be to look at inspiration of hair and makeup styles - this means you have a few ideas before hand prepared. I recommend trialing lashes if you have never worn them before, they can really bring your eyes out in pictures. Don't be afraid to say if you are not sure on something, this is your trial and time to trial different things - a different lip colour can really change your whole face.

Wedding day timings.

I typically take 40-45 mins per person for hair / makeup. Please have in mind:

-Bridal party size - will this be achievable with 1 artist?

-Where are you staying the night before?

-If you have access to your bridal room from a certain time?

-If you are traveling to your venue what time would you be leaving your home/ hotel/ venue?

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