My Personal Skin Care Jan 2021

As a makeup artist I get asked a lot about skincare advice. This is my current skin care:

* Clinicare Cleanser

* Alumier Bright & Clear Solution

* Alumier HydraSmooth

Below is a before and after of my skin - before was November 2020, when suddenly my skin broke out..... hormones, new mum skin!! I previously struggled with cystic acne in this area of my face a few years ago and I always know this is where I will breakout when my hormones are unbalanced.

While my skin is no where near perfect it is so much calmer than before. I feel the call out product that has helped me is the Alumier Bright and Clean solution, for the first 2 weeks my skin was dry and sensitive but I persiviered and my skin has improved so much. Anyone that knows me knows I also struggle with pigmentation in the summer, now there will be a lot of pigmentation left for a while from this. While I am not going to change my routine, I will have added SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age Defense Corrective Serum, SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense Corrective Serum,

and Medik8 C-Tetra Serum I am also religious with my SPF even through winter now, my days of unlimited sunbed offers is sadly a thing of the past! My go to SPF is from Heliocare.

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