Hygiene Help!

When I first become a makeup artist cleaning my brushes actually really confused me! I was so obsessed with making sure my brushes were perfectly and correctly cleaned and used to obsess over the internet to find out how; So now its second nature I thought I would do a post on it - boring..... but if it benefits someone out there then great as hygiene is so important!

Deep cleaning -

Warm water - All of my brushes are synthetic so for a deep clean I was my brushes in warm water - never hot as some brushes it might loosen the adhesive - I have learnt this the hard way with some of my Charlotte Tilbury brushes - these are gorgeous, amazing brushes but they malt all over clients faces.

Fairy Liquid - literally that is all I use, a tiny bit of fairy liquid, it is antibacterial.

Brush cleaner Tool - This tool is amazing, I gently rub my brushes against this tool until they are completely clean. (Tool linked on image)

I then wrap the brushes in decent kitchen roll (think taking the wet out of your hair after a hair wash) then leave to dry over night.

Spot cleaning -

Inbetween clients you will need to spot clean if you are working on a large bridal party or on a shoot with a lot of changes. I have tried lots of different brush cleaners, my current fav is ISOCLEAN. You can also use alcohol rub from amazon, this is great as it kills the bacterial but a few clients have found it makes their eyes water and doesn't smell great on a hang over.

I hope this helps.

Hannah xx

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